The ECB’s dogmatism reaches new dimensions

The data on price trends in Europe are more than encouraging. The inflation rate at consumer level in the European Monetary Union (EMU) was only 2.9 percent in October. According to Eurostat, producer prices were down 12.4 percent in September compared to September of last year. This confirms the view expressed in many articles here that the price surge in the eurozone and in many other countries was a temporary event that will recede again with the expected fall in commodity prices at all levels, including consumer prices.

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The recession deepens

The downward slide of the German economy continues. Production and incoming orders in German industry are still on course for recession in the first month of the third quarter. The latest sentiment indicators, such as the ifo index and the PMI markit, which were surveyed in August, point clearly downwards. So it can no longer be ruled out that the recession will continue even at a pace much faster than now.

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Still on a knife’s edge? The federal government fails to recognise the economic situation

Anyone in the civilised world who wants to drive a car must prove that he can correctly assess the direction of movement and speed of his vehicle, master the aids of stabilisation and gain a certain overview of the traffic situation. The obligation to pass a driving test meets with general approval among the population, because the person willing to drive a car can put not only himself but also others in danger if he does not have the required skills and knowledge. Those who steer a national economy do not have to prove anything of the sort, although the general danger to the life and welfare of the population posed by their errors of judgement and misconduct is enormous.

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